What is this, like the fourth time I’ve tried to do this comic?

Okay, so anyway, welcome to Epee. This time around I’m trying it as an MSPA-style hypercomic, with reader-submitted commands. If you’re unfamiliar with the format, look at any of the comics at MS Paint Adventures┬áby Andrew Hussie. Hypercomics predate MSPA, but they have more or less defined the modern “adventure” style comic which I’m employing, and full credit for the form goes to Andrew Hussie.

Epee is a comic about magical girls in a world where they are commonplace. If you happen to have seen one of the earlier incarnations, I’ll be surprised since they didn’t live very long and I didn’t advertise them. But if somehow you did, go ahead and assume that none of the facts you know from them still hold true–there have been a lot of revisions to the concept since it was created.

At the right is a “Submit Command” form. If you’re caught up to the story (pretty easy at the time of this posting, given that it will only have been one page long so far), you can use that form to send me an email with suggestions as to what the viewpoint character should do next. I’ll take my favorite of these suggestions and have the character act them out. It’s sort of halfway between a comic and a tabletop RPG in that sense, except we’re all playing together.

With that, please enjoy the comic.